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Accrual Basis in Cash-Based Companies

Accrual Basis in Cash-Based Companies

Accrual basis and cash basis are the most fundamental concepts of accounting. Students, who major in business administration or accounting, often learn these definitions on the first days in their accounting classes. When I first learned about these two methods in my accounting classes in college, I thought that a business could only follow either […]

Accounting in Germany

German Accounting System Overview

1. German Accounting and Country Demographics 1.1. Location To understand the German accounting system, it is important to get the general ideas about Germany. This country occupies the Western part and the Central part of Europe. Denmark is to the north. Poland and the Czech Republic are to the east. Austria and Switzerland are to […]

Month-End Closing Process

Month-End Closing Process in A Public Company

In this post, I will describe the month-end closing process at one of the companies that I used to work for. Throughout the time that I was there, the company was going through an accounting system transition from PDS to Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP). Thus, it had been using both accounting systems at the […]