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Online and Mobile Banking

Online Banking and Its Benefits to Mobile Users

If you are thinking about opening a free account at an online-only bank, please consider Chime Bank and using this referral link: chime.com/r/tuongdao. Both you and I will get $50. Mobile banking and online banking are two different things. Nevertheless, they still have a lot in common. For reasons of convenience, I will use these […]

Month-End Closing Process

Month-End Closing Process in A Public Company

In this post, I will describe the month-end closing process at one of the companies that I used to work for. Throughout the time that I was there, the company was going through an accounting system transition from PDS to Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP). Thus, it had been using both accounting systems at the […]

Leadership Styles: Autocratic and Democratic Leadership

Leadership Style: Autocratic and Democratic Leadership

There are different leadership styles. Each style can have a unique influence on a company’s performance and effectiveness. It is because leadership styles can influence employees’ satisfaction and trust. In general, leadership styles can be divided into three major categories. They are autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire leadership. There is no best leadership style. They all […]

Trade And Welfare Effects of Export Taxes

Trade And Welfare Effects of Export Tax

Export restrictions (such as export tax) are not uncommon among countries. There are many reasons why countries may want to impose export restrictions. One of the reasons can be the difference between domestic supplies and the demands of certain goods. For instance, during the food crisis from 2007 to 2008, several developing countries imposed export […]

Change Management: Resistance to Change

Change Management: Resistance to Change

Symptoms of Resistance to Change in change management, resistance to change can be visible or invisible. Higher gossip around the coffee points about the changes, lower morale, and productivity can be the signs of invisible resistance. In contrast, open debates are one obvious sign of visible resistance. A visible resistance is more beneficial to organizational […]

Cisco's Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility of Cisco

There are a large number of interpretations of corporate social responsibility (CSR). One popular definition is that CSR as business practices that aim at social and environmental issues, including pollution, inequality, public health, etc. Companies that adopt CSR practices have higher operational performance and a greater level of sustainability. Similarly, another definition views CSR as […]